Pineville, North Carolina

When the Native American trails of Big and Little Sugar Creek collided over 250 years ago,Pineville was born. Named for the stunning display of pine trees that enclosed this neighborly community, North Carolina’s little crossroad soon became a self-sufficient intersection, offering residents and visitors alike a plethora of entertainment options. Strolling through historic downtown, playing ball at newly renovated Jack Hughes Park, and shopping at Carolina Place Mall are a few options Pineville boasts of off of its overflowing resume.

For those looking to settle here, Pineville has the patriotic “Anywhere, USA” feel, which is only fitting for a place that is known for being the hometown of 11th President, James K. Polk. Currently sitting at 7500 residents, this community is a full-service experience often coined a big “little” town for its mix of homey, family-oriented values with, what seems to be, a limitless growing capacity. Residents enjoy small-town amenities, like Friday night concerts at Lake Park and the annual October Fall Festival, but also have the benefit of a steady influx of economic activity.

From antiquing to fine dining, this community sparks interests across the board. A bustling haven for shoppers, Pineville’s 6 million square feet of retail space couples nicely with its close proximity to Charlotte and other neighboring suburbs.

If that isn’t enough to brag about, this community prides itself in being almost completely independent. Locally owned and operated Pineville Telephone and Electric works as a power provider for this town’s quaint neighborhoods, keeping pricing affordable for hard-working residents. A short drive through this city, too, would reveal a volunteer fire department, police station, and post office abutting top-notch medical centers, all easy distances from residential areas.

With all of that being said, the town’s welcoming attitude is just the cherry on top of a perfectly proportioned sundae. Don’t be shy- grab a spoon and dig in! They won’t mind if you say “home,
sweet home” with your mouth full.

Subdivisions in Pineville

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